My name is Bridget, and I inhabit a dismal town by the name of Belpre found within Ohio, a location known for its unhealthy conditions and ostracism.

I am interested in art, classical and alternative literature, and science fiction. My favorite types of books include historical fiction (such as steampunk), some memoirs (usually those concerning tragedy, suicide, recovery from/journey through illness, etc.), and fantasy. When it comes to movies, the genres I fancy include sci-fi/fantasy, history, horror/suspense/mystery, bioptics, and some drama and comedy. So, it's safe to say I enjoy an array of different genres. :) Apart fom books, I also really love to sketch, draw, and create various things, from cards to jewelry to posters.

I enjoy reviewing books (within what I usually read), movies and shows, amongst other things like pop culture, ethics and causes. However, I try to stray away from most things concerning religion; this is mainly because I feel conflicts can be created too easily when discussing it, and that it separates too many of us for petty reasons. I am completely open to suggestions concerning topics for review posts, so don't be afraid to contact me! :)

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